Nic van den Bosch's 'Horsemanure Site'

Horsemanure, the Perfect Orchid Growing Medium.
This site promotes horsemanure as an orchid growing medium.

We are sorry to report that Nic van den Bosch passed away on 29th November 2005 at the grand age of 95. This web site will remain for now in his memory.

Nic was an orchid grower in Tasmania, Australia, growing mainly cymbidiums in a glass house.  His 'hobbyhorse' was promoting horse manure as the ideal growing medium for orchids.

He began growing orchids at retirement after his working lifetime was spent in horticulture as a market gardener.  A friend gave him a few plants and his passion for orchids developed from there.

He had excellent results with his orchids growing in the simple formula of fresh horsemanure with sphagnum moss on top.

See the page called 'Why Use Horsemanure?' for more information on this.

Nic in 2001

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